The Trojan horse

We all have flip flop from time to time, in other words, change our minds, our hearts in order to reach wickedness or reach perfection, but we, as Catholics, we know that perfection is the one we must work for knowing that it only comes through Divine Grace, not from our own strength.

We could’ve been thieves, drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, had any sorts of addictions in porno, drugs and immorality… but once we have found Jesus and we let Him to be our Lord, change is our everyday thing, all that wickedness that once was normal or even logical, flees away.

Politicians have a tough job, in order to get where they want, they need to stand for those issues that drive us to vote against or for them, as they receive support and donations from groups that have certain agendas and once that handshake is made, it’s the little guy lose.

I have taken a lot of heat because I did remind Christians that we shouldn’t vote for evil, by saying that we shouldn’t vote for Hillary because she stands for the devil’s anti-sacraments like homosexuality, contraception, abortion, etc… BUT I also said that we SHOULDN’T vote for Trump because he is the lesser evil, evil is evil.

I had a lot of reservations writing about political stuff, I didn’t want to, people most of the times read what they want, most of the times they get stuck in a phrase and don’t get the big picture… Christians should flee from any sorts of evils, even if it is a lesser one.

For me Trump is that Trojan Horse inside the Republican Party in order to stop them to reach the White House and the democrats could continue pleasing the devil with their wicked laws… unfortunately, republicans were in power, didn’t do anything against roe vs wade, made lies to make war which gave 600,000 people dead.

Politicians have a tough task and antipope Francis almost made it easy for me as he rebuked Trump, so going against the will of this false prophet was an easy vote for me to make for Trump, BUT Mr. Trump wake up a lot of that hidden racism among many of his voters (among other things), this is why HE is the lesser evil and we shouldn’t embrace evil at all.

Hillary is not only a criminal and a murderer due to abortion, but Trump has his issues as well… the Libertarian party is a bad choice, the green tea party too, those two are pro-choice, my only option is not to vote and pray, if they put a gun to my head to make me vote, I would for a little unknown Christian who stands by the Gospel and that’s my vote.

Trump is apologizing yes, more emails from Hillary are appearing and Catholics get hung in this political mess, despite that, they will sin if they vote for someone who opposes the Gospel, some in greater extent like Hillary, others in a shadowy and lesser extent like Trump.

Lesser evil is evil and if we are trying to please our Lord through the Gospel, then it’s impossible for us to cast a vote for Hillary or anyone else, sadly. Do remember that we are living DARK TIMES and everything is inverted, we must discern everything we do.

The Remnant newspaper and Lifesitenews are deliberately ignoring all of Trump’s baggage just for the pro-life movement, yes we should make are very best efforts to stop evil, but not by embracing the lesser evil. So personally I will not vote.

We ARE in dark times, everything is inverted, we need to be more careful by discerning better…

May Jesus Christ shows you His Sweet Face and gives you tons of Mercy. Amen


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