The Only Way to Resist during this Dark Times: A letter to Traditionals, Neo-Catholics and all Christians who are worried and scandalized by ‘pope’ Francis. (please share)

Our Forefathers have laid the foundation to resist those enemies (who were prophesied through Saints and the Blessed), who have seized for themselves the Holy Temple in Rome, our Lady warned us in La Salette France, that Rome would lose the faith and becomes the seat of the antichrist and this, is a NOW reality.

‘Pope’ Francis has declared himself: ‘he ignores those who are rigid (traditionalists), as “they” do their thing and he keeps working, doing his thing’, by this admission with deep disgust, he acknowledges that there’s a huge split in the Catholic Church… those who honors the traditions of old and those who cheers for the world, this is a Great Schism inside.

The way to resist is simple yet hard…

While those are drunk in Liberalism and denying sin as repulsive and grave in the Eyes of our Lord; we need to reject that and PERSEVERE in the path laid down in the past, by our Forefather’s Teachings, through their Sacrifice and Blood.

We need to reject everything and anything coming from the top, try to open eyes about the HUGE contradictions shown by this wolves in sheep clothing WITHOUT falling in the traps of hate and indecency.

This is the proposal:


Find a Holy Priest who administers the Latin Mass and DON’T EVER GO BACK to the Novus Ordo Mass. If you don’t have anyone administering the Tridentine Mass in your town, or surroundings… then that’s the only way to stay because you need the Eucharist.

What I propose is not new, actually many traditional priests have warned their flock not to go to the Novus Ordo mass at all, but the Eucharist is needed… AVOID ANYTHING FROM THE TOP AND AVOID THE NOVUS ORDO MASS.

St Vincent of Lerins told us, that when the whole Church have lost their way because of apostasy, the we should GO BACK TO THE TRADITIONS OF OLD, because these cannot be poisoned or corrupted.

Only Noah and His family were saved, only Lot and His two daughters were saved, only 5 out of 10 virgins went with the Groom, all throughout the History of Salvation, when Corruption and anti-gospel erupts, only the few with their eyes opened (because they honored Truth rather than the world), those few always got saved and the vast majority got doomed.

Look who odd things are, how the top don’t condemned the wicked this days, on the contrary, the wicked enjoys praises by Bergoglio and his minions… Christians are suffering genocide, but that is ‘reductionism’.

All the laws of our Church are being ridiculed, confusion is at an all time high… the enemies don’t condemn anything because condemnation is an ugly word in hell, tolerance is the NEW trend, tolerance is the ‘New Humanity’

Cohabitation, Gay couples are the ones who have ‘gifts’ and other religions don’t need to be evangelize anymore because: ‘We are all children of God’, all of it… laying down the path for a new hellish religion, in which, we are above God.

FLEE… flee to the traditions of old in the TRUE FAITH taught by our Catholic Church, it’s simple, yet hard… in your Heart you know I’m speaking the Truth.



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