The White Flag Church

Obama became president with 56% of Catholic voting in the USA in 2008, after years of his term forcing the abortion agenda, 50% Catholics still voted for Obama… Journalist Michael Voris from the site reported, that close to 80% of the American Bishops voted for Obama.

For two thousand years many Judas has been proclaiming an strange Gospel inside our Church, sheeps all over the world has fallen for their trap and relax and compromised their souls, today it feels, that we have the highest percentage of traitors inside our Church, than any other time  or crisis in our 2000 years of existence.

When Bishop Joseph Kurtz was elected to be the head of the conference of Bishops here in the USA, the congratulations given by “pope” Francis was: “I don’t want ideology”, Kurtz known as a notorious pro-lifer, who didn’t hesitate to kneel and pray the Rosary in front of abortion clinics, he was warned about the “rigidity” that liberalism always proclaimed that the pro-life ideology movement had.

When is time to proclaim his heresies ‘pope’ Francis goes big, but when is time to say something about the truth, like, how evil is abortion, he proclaims or writes a few lines once every thousand years and doesn’t condemn those in the abortion industry, on the contrary, he praises them.

Christians are being slaughtered, butchered and this man had the nerve to say: “It’s not fair to identify Islam with violence, it’s not fair and it’s not true”, well, tell that to the average person who when asked to close their eyes and name 1 thing Islam has in common it’ll be violence.

It’s just sad to see how far down our Catholic Church has fallen, Eucharist for everybody because “the Eucharist is not for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak”, Bergoglio says, but I strongly disagree… The Eucharist it’s for the perfect and are those who are in a state of grace, perfection comes when our contrite and repented heart have confessed their sins and are willing to amend.


Unfortunately nothing more can be done than to persevere in the proclamation of the Gospel and unmasked those wolves in sheep no matter what, many will continue blind, many will continue to defend their favorite sins and back this man.

Catholics will vote for more wicked people to power like when Obama got elected, Catholics will cheer for a wicked ‘pope’ and defend the ungospel, Catholics will concede to freaking Muslims, because that’s ‘merciful’as we all are, like Francis did said, children of God… we are His children, yes, but we need to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and that is the part this man is so constant to omit.

The Church is waving the white flag, surrendering to the world and every one is happy… but, as long there is one Catholic who loves our Lord in the traditions of old, the One True Faith will never die, that’s a promise from Jesus lived by St Athanasius and many Saints…

St Athanasius pray for us. Amen


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