Trump = Hillary, freemasons win.

There is a saying I heard a long time ago, each country deserves its leader… Cuba deserves the Castro brothers, Libya deserved Qaddafi, South Africa deserved Mandela and the United States deserves Obama.

My father is conservative and it is only logical that I lean for the Republicans, but they too sold their values to the highest bidder… the Gay agenda in this country is now the right and the normal way to go, is the popular thing to back and Republicans cheers.

Abortion, homosexuality and contraception is a “hot topic button”, and going against those, is unpopular…

Both parties serve the same master. make no mistake, pleasing the world or in other words, being political correct, is what the bible describes as being friends of the world and by pleasing the world God is cast out, this is why God says that those who are friends of the world are His enemies.

“You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” James 4:4

There is a heretic thinking out there, one that corrupt us, I can’t be a Hypocrite… I use to think alike:”Vote for the lesser evil”

Such thinking is so attractive, even logical, but… will you compromise even a coma from our Lord’s command? There has been many in the past who have voted or sympathized for the lesser evil while their views are contrary to His Holy Word.

Trump is supposedly the ‘conservative’, Hillary is the liberal… but both serves the will of the freemasons, who have pushed their thinking even inside our Church all the way to the top; political correctness is big in both of this two and again, political correctness is not from Heaven, it’s a heresy.

Catholics were so happy to vote for Obama despite not hiding the fact of being all in about abortion… Hillary has put evil as the biggest strength by declaring that “babies have no rights”, Trump elevates all those hidden sentiments of racism that most Americans hide, he’s so unreliable… either way the freemasons win.

In the end, the will of those in the shadows will push iniquity and ruin on us, doesn’t matter who gets there, that’s why I applaud those who vote for an unknown… me? I prefer to do something else on that day, perhaps going to the beach.

Trump = Hillary… it’s true, in the sense that abortion clinics, contraception planning, and more LGBT insanity will be push on us… and the most likely thing, whoever wins, will have a huge Catholic support.

Sheeps… turn your eyes to the Vatican, I assure you, that instead of protecting us from such political correctness, you can see for yourselves that Bergoglio is one of those who have push their liberal thinking in the most ambiguous and subtle way.

Anyways, God help us all, the Land that freemasons founded has become indeed theirs, hard working Christians are the ones who will suffer and Catholics will sin with their vote, voting for a racist or a liberal, like when they did when voted for baby killer Obama… and voting for the lesser evil in Trump is bad, evil is evil no matter what.

In the end all countries deserve their leader, God have Mercy on us.

Tons of Blessings


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