The hidden hand

Many Christians around the world can see the horror unleashed in diverse places, people sit in awe in the worse way, seeing how massacres unleashes here and there.

You can see the hidden hand moving to push ruin, moving their agenda of an unified world, and when is noted to those in power about the genocide of Christians, it takes years for them to accept such and do nothing afterwards, continuing their omission.

The top of our Church? They side with the hidden hand, with their coward words: “reductionism.”

Everywhere I turn I see chaos creeping in, handshakes and laughter, secret meetings, even in our faces: bullying, for them… it is a good time for an unified world under the flag of evilness.

I’ll give some examples of what is creeping in:

Russia… many Christians are falling in love with the Orthodox nation and I don’t blame them, as they see their own nations drowned in pure wickedness proclaimed as a right, now, understand this, the Russian Orthodox Church was taken apart by antichrist Stalin…

Stalin killed 50 million Russians (not including WWII), dismantle all Christian Churches including the Orthodox, then, he took the opportunity and raised the Orthodox Church appointing HIS own priests and bishops, who served his diabolical agenda.

Some Orthodox priests refused this “new” Church, many died, others fled…

For many years, the Church Stalin based was standing with false priests and traitors, few, very few could remain, hidden and did what they could, to save souls.

It is no surprise that religious liberty was suppressed in Russia, it is not a surprise that Putin is revered like Jesus… I’m sure, that there’s some Russian hearts who truly love our Lord, but looks can be deceiving.

China has the Communist false religion oppressing its own people and the true Church it’s underground, world leaders are singing kumbaya with all false religions to push iniquity, but when someone stands for Christ they strangle them with any means.

Look how North Carolina is suffering, all sorts of big businesses are being taken away to establish sodomy and wickedness.

Little antichrists and their minions laugh, Christians gets confused, rights are taken away to proclaim rights of “tolerance”, of genocide and murder… what we hear from ‘papa’ Frank is nothing but poison, he talks about a: “culture of encounter”, “culture of gestures”, “reductionism” and who can forget his nonsense of the “god of surprises.”

Chaos is here alright, but the question is: Can you see it? Can you not? I mean, some could see, others partially, others see that everything is fine and people keep sinning like they’re in some sort of crusade of ‘righteousness’, athletes stand by the NBA and their pull out of North Carolina, like it’s something good.

Celebrities, common people, media, are putting the Heavenly knife in their necks by proclaiming wickedness… When Judgement day comes, they can’t say they didn’t know, as they can’t say: “papa ‘Frank’ said ‘don’t fear judgement day’… ‘who am I to judge’, so I didn’t.”

All the poison Bergoglio has said to please the world, doesn’t stand in Heaven as good and it will not stand in Judgment day to save anyone, can you imagine all the souls who have lived according to the Kumbaya gospel of his? Or the strange proclamations of the world, the lack of authority in the Orthodox Church due to the false foundation given by Stalin, how about all the false religions out there?

Immigration to ‘help’, Ecumenism to be ‘one’, tolerance to accept ‘all’… this, does not hold truth…

We would never surprise God, Jesus can marvel us because He is awesome, but we shouldn’t be surprised, not even by a mile, because God gave us what He thinks: His Holy Word, the Bible… all we need to do, is follow His Commands because we Love Him, that’s all.

Be ever watchful sheeps… Remain faithful and resist.

Tons of blessings


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