Tiny Hope

* This commentary comes from pieces of the homily of a Catholic priest in front of a packed Church, with 2 more priests co-celebrating, this happened here in Florida, the name of the city, church and the priests are not named for security and NO, it wasn’t the SSPX, as the city I’m speaking about doesn’t have an SSPX within.* 

Fr. Brave: “Let me tell you something about this pope… he (Francis) has proclaimed a lot of things that are heretic!… People should know that, this is not new in the Church, the Catholic Church had many antipopes in the past (Fr. Brave mentioned the names of some of the antipopes)… All we can do right now is pray for his soul (Francis), that’s all we can do…”

I apologize that I don’t have the full text of the homily… but I just had to share this with all…

Hope is brewing, tiny hope, that,  some have their eyes open.

Fr. Brave is the name I’m giving to this Holy man, you could see the people seating down hearing his words nodding their heads saying yes… yes to a truth that many AVOID to face, a truth that many likes to omit, Rome has an heretic on top, an antipope.

When you are not in charge, when you don’t have the AUTHORITY to advert danger it is hard to say danger, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t see danger and when the flood comes, like it happened in Thailand and Malaysia… you are prepared.

Many died during the 2004 Tsunami, I remember how a child warned her mother  at that time (this was on the TV news), that when the sea goes back off the shore, leaving a chunk of space behind: “they taught us in school that a tsunami is happening and we should go to higher ground.”

Thank God, that woman listened as she took her child to high ground, seconds later ruin was unleashed and many died… for 3 years many have warned that Rome has lost the faith through the hands of Francis.

Fr. Brave tried to open the eyes of his flock, tried to take them away from the easy path of hatred, by making sure, that all of us will pray for Francis soul…

I or anyone inside the laity don’t have the authority to call Bergoglio an antipope, the college of Cardinals have that authority… BUT, sadly he has behaved as an antipope, a false prophet and this is the thing when you clearly see danger and can’t say it because you are not ‘allowed’, the law does not apply when you are trying to save souls  that is a higher law and it is OUR duty to call danger where ever it is.

Can you seat there and say with a proclamation such as: “If he is gay and looks for the Lord, who am I to judge” and you have gay person in front of you, a person whom you care because it is a soul who in need of Christ, and you will omit to proclaim the Gospel, which condemns sodomy because you shouldn’t judge?

Will you start to apologize to each homosexual person for the Church proclaiming the truth? Will you hush the fact that genocide is being practice upon Christians because that’s reductionism? What about calling traditionalists hermenuticals and Rosary counters? Will you go silent as evangelicals, divorce and remarried, cohabitants and gay couples are getting to the Eucharist?

This is all Bergoglio’s doing, no one else’s.

The Top has lost the faith and he has push progressive people into power while the holy ones have been cast out… our Forefathers, doctors, saints and Patriarchs have taught exactly what the Gospel says, we shouldn’t follow Wolves in sheep’s clothing and it is our duty to tell all who don’t see, the danger ahead.

Thank God for Fr. Brave, thanks be to God for all who have seen a frog instead of a prince… unfortunately, most are cowards and commit omission, sadly all the Catholic world is in line to kiss the frog and cheer for it as a prince.

This is no fairy tale, there is an antipope on top and it is time to flee to a safe place: the traditions of old.

Blessings and thanks to all the brave priests and laity who warns of the dangers and do persevere in the One True Faith despite being in the desert.



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