3 pm

All around the world at 3 pm, remembrance on the death of the one who Love us first, comes, most people go about their daily lives not caring, some who do know… don’t care, and the vast majority doesn’t know.

It’s just, a jaw dropping and marvelous feeling to reach Him, our Lord Jesus Christ remembering at 3 pm: His death, all of His pain, suffering and abuse for the sake of mankind, at the Holy Mass, the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet or, with a true and sincere personal prayer… His Mercy is reached.

From my house in the United States at 8 am: Jerusalem has its 3 pm, in Singapore would be 3 am here, Vatican 9 am, Japan 2 am, Hawaii 9 pm, Argentina 2 pm, Sidney Australia 1 pm… all of this at my 3 pm, AND… at the same time, many masses around the world being celebrated at the same time.

It is truly the hour of great Mercy… Divine Mercy.

Not the ‘mercy’ that the world offers in ‘tolerance’ and bizarre ‘ecumenism’… true ecumenism is for all to accept the truth proclaimed by our Forefathers, Patriarchs, Martyrs, Saints, Doctors of the Faith and the Apostles laid in the Catholic Church, the first and one true Faith.

Unfortunately most of our priests believe this and it is sad… they don’t believe as they should anymore.

People who have fought against the Catholic Church in many levels are the ones considered heroes now and those who have proclaimed the truth, are the ones considered the enemies.

Liberalism is proclaimed as the new ‘mercy’… sad but true.

Remember Sheeps… 3 pm is the hour of Tons of Divine Mercy, for a few minutes you can taste Heaven in the Hands of our Lord Jesus who suffered all sorts of abuse for you and me.

Tons of blessings.


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