First “pope”ever…

Let’s go to the point, “papa” Bergoglio is the first pope ever to say and do many things other popes condemned, even the Gospel condemns some things many say are his personal opinions.

Let’s be clear, 1st thing: “papa” Frank is not crazy as he only shoots his arrows to Catholics and no one else, 2nd: his so called opinions and “no part of the magisterium” exhortations, have dangerous statements that we would’ve understand if a demon is the one proclaiming them.

* 1st “pope” ever to condemned capitalism many times in different stages and NO condemnations to communism, further more, the only time he address communism was when he said he enjoyed when young communist magazines and that he knew “good” communist people.

* 1st “pope” ever to call names on traditionalists… EVER, I mean calling them: hermenuticals, Rosary counters, dead inside, etc…

* 1st “pope” ever to tell atheists “to do good and we’ll meet there” rejecting what Jesus said: “Whoever does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16:16), and his intentions on atheists are clear, as he stated on atheists in his autobiography ‘on heaven and earth’: “I will not say that their life is condemned”

* 1st “pope” ever to open the possibility to give the Eucharist to the unrepentant (divorced and remarried).

* 1st “pope” ever to open the door to protestants to get the Treasure of the Heavens: The Eucharist, telling them to “ask Jesus” if they could eat it, when all other popes rejected it.

* 1st “pope” ever to contradict Jesus openly in his exhortation by saying that we shouldn’t evangelize Jews, well, actually he doesn’t want proselytism of any form.

* 1st “pope” ever to let those who have rejected Christ openly, to “pray” in the Vatican, I guess he didn’t care when those Muslims prayed about: “winning the war on unbelievers.”

* 1st “pope” ever to tell people to remain in their false religions when he, without any gun to his head, he said: “Christians with the bible, Muslims with the coran, with the faith of their fathers that it’ll take you far”

* 1st “pope” ever to suggest that Jesus “pretended”; with his “off the cuff” statement, bringing shadow to Jesus Divinity, but it is not the first time he does this, he suggested, the multiplication of bread and fishes was a miracle of people sharing what they had and many more.

* 1st “pope” ever to cheer and elevate so many evildoers who until today haven’t repented for their evil doing: Emma Bonino (400+ abortions made), Mandela (who legalized abortion with outrageous laws), Hollywood (advocates of LGBT, contraception and abortion – George Clooney, Salma Hayek, Edge, Bono).

* 1st “pope” ever to NOT kneel before the blessed Sacrament and avoids genuflection every time, but sure kneels to wash and kiss the feet on those who openly rejected Christ.

* 1st “pope” ever to say that he doesn’t believe in a Catholic God (Jesus), and said in film that he doesn’t have anything against the demonic enneagram.

* 1st “pope” ever to joke about counting Rosaries…

* 1st “pope” ever to proclaimed that we should apologized to homosexuals on their sodomy and abominable behaviors..

And much, much more…


PLEASE… on the ‘off the cuff’ Bergoglio’s remarks, do you really think they come from God? Do you think this so called personal opinions and “off the cuff” blabber sits well in heaven? Ask yourselves this… is there any possibility that someone following his outrageous teachings, by following them, could get saved? Imagine someone who stops evangelizing or embraced homosexuality as something good and let someone not hear the truth on this matters, what would happen to their soul?

OPEN YOUR EYES sheeps… we are living an antipope and people don’t want to hear it, most priests don’t want to speak up and very few prefer to address matters indirectly. Those, who grab the demon by the horns, are the ones getting the scourging and persecution, the flock is on fire and no one wants to use the fire extinguisher.

Francis “teachings” are beautiful and gorgeous to hear, for people who don’t know their faith well… don’t be surprised the huge defense he has among the laity, but those who DO know the faith well who are defending his teachings, are defending their favorite sins, they have their own agenda.

Sheeps, be watchful… remain FAITHFUL and RESIST, go and find a Holy priest and go back to the traditions of old, like St. Vincent of Lerins taught us to do in apostasy inside the Church.

Tons of blessings.


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