Mama’s boy

I was always happy, my Mom gave me a lollipop because I didn’t pee the bed… but… I did, just a little bit. I love my mother… and I enjoyed that special lollipop which had gum inside.

Had lovely toys… remember a white and yellow helicopter my Mom gave me and it was gorgeous, with tires underneath and the cab with inside lights and it made lots of sounds… I had much joy in me, but… I wondered, what was inside that made all those lights? Unfortunately I had to know, so I threw my toy from the 2nd floor down, to see what was inside and the toy cracked wide open, sadness followed, no more lights and I couldn’t understand what made those lights anyways, sorry Mom.

Nighttime, sleeping and dreaming, I saw myself with my favorite shirt: pink with red airplanes all around, me running to the balcony, jumping and flying off… what a sweet dream, good thing is, that when awake, I knew what happened to my helicopter, so no cartoonish ideas about jumping off the balcony.

I went to Church each Sunday with my Mom, I was taught: God is Almighty Father, His only Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit… also knew about the Holy Mother of Jesus: Mary, the angels, the saints… but despite knowing, I wasn’t allowed to eat the Holy Flesh of Jesus: The Eucharist until i was ready.

Played with my friends to be a priest, I recited most of what a priest proclaims in the Holy Mass and then I ran to my house to look for bread, when my Mom knew what I was playing and that I was looking for bread, she forbid me from doing so, as she told me the Catholic Church doesn’t like that… Thanks Mom for protecting me from making a mistake.

I love my Mom… she let me stay with my cousins, allowed my uncles and aunt to take us to the beach, pizza and the ice cream shop… I’m so sorry for the heartaches and hard headed tantrums I did…

My Mom allowed us go to a Catholic retreat, there I experienced peace… but I misbehaved with the nuns, I made a collect call to my Father in New York, what a bad boy I am, my Mom went and apologized to them and payed the bill.

I wished I would’ve obeyed more, I wish I would’ve been more like my Lord Jesus… He was always obedient to His Father and His parents here on earth.

Happiness was given to me despite the lack of resources, I wished I would’ve give back the amount of happiness provided to me with more obedience, close to the same obedience my Lord showed… I Love my Lord Jesus Christ, who I came to know through my Mom first.

Jesus Loves His Mother, and my Mother showed me His Mother Mary first… I Love Jesus and Mary, I know that my Mom’s happiness lies in me giving myself to Jesus and Loving our Blessed Mother.

I’m sure that I’ve made sad my Lord and His Lovely Mother many times, tons of tears they cried with my disobedience, sins of mine left and right because I let myself go with lies and deceit… I want to honor what my Mom tried to do showing me Jesus, to allow myself to be saved by Loving Him.

Like years ago when I entered the House of the Lord: The Catholic Church, when I entered by the hand of my Mom… I’ve found the brown scapular, I’ve found a way to belong to the Blessed Heart of Mary.

I am happy to be Catholic, I’m happy to make my Mom happy, I’m glad that I’m trying to honor my Lord, I’m excited that I have give myself to His Blessed Mother through the Brown Scapular, as now, I no longer belong to my Mom, I belong to Mary’s Blessed Heart.

It is my sincere hope that my love shines for Jesus and Mary now… all of my life I was a mama’s boy, and I want to continue being a Mama’s boy for eternity, Jesus Mom: Mary.

It is a long path I know, with many who will try to destroy my love for my Heavenly Mother, even in my Church and in my own family, but the desire to be a Mama’s boy, our Blessed Mother… gives me happiness and lots of courage.

I feel like a child again… thanks Mom for showing me the way, thanks God for loving me and giving me Your Son Jesus and His Blessed Mother, my Mother: Mary.


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