Private revelation anyone?

Why private revelation is needed? Because, people won’t take seriously public revelation and what it’s worst, priests nowadays are preaching more and more strange teachings, that’s why, if God doesn’t give us private revelations to reignite our conversion, even the elect would be lost.

Private revelation is a tricky term, because “private” means that it belongs to the person who is handling whatever it was given to them, BUT all true revelations given by God eventually are meant to be shared to all, so after it’s shared, technically speaking, is no longer private.

Some private revelations don’t come from God, if they don’t come from God it comes from the enemy, that’s when… in theory, a revelation could remain private when the Church mandates not to follow such when a proper investigation is done and with that in mind the faithful stays away.

It is also TRUE, that sometimes our Church misses the mark and rejects revelations which were directly proclaimed as true by Holy men like Padre Pio and Garabandal.

When the children of Fatima received the illumination given by God through the hands of our Blessed Mother, if the miracle of the sun would’ve not occurred when it did in front of thousands of people, it would’ve been (at least), a lengthy path to be proclaimed as true, as so many people deemed the children as demons and false, even by our own clergy, by laity and communists at the time ruling the country.

What is the most trustworthy way to know that a private revelation is true?

When you see the suffering in those prophets, the same all prophets of the past suffered, the same pains our Lord endured, but at the same time, the things proclaimed NOT contradicting the revealed truth while giving us prayers like all true prophet of the past did.

Jesus was called a false prophet and a demon, He suffered, revealed God’s message and most people back then and today reject it, Jesus was persecuted, mandated to be quiet both Him and His disciples, He did the same things all prophets did: He revealed God, prayed and His prayers were learned and used by all to get in touch with God.

Now, let’s put some examples…

Fatima gave us the short prayer used every time with the Rosary and to my point way above, our Blessed Lady reveals to them that most people go to Hell because no one prays for them… that revelation invite us to do exactly what the Gospel says:

“Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.” Rom 10:1

Many don’t believe in the public revelation (the Gospel), even people who are religious, God is giving us a jolt with true messages (private revelation), making the lukewarmth to become hot, the rebellious to straighten their ways and those who don’t believe, to believe.

Continuing with examples, Padre Pio took the girls from Garabandal under his wings at a time when many powerful men were his enemies, I mean, look at the facts, he was imprisoned in his room for years, courtesy of a powerful Bishop who claimed at that time Pio did the stigmas to himself.

Like, when the top of the Pharisees and the chosen people, the Jews, killed most of God’s prophets and crucified Jesus, the same persecution the Children of Fatima, the girls of Garabandal, and Maria of Divine Mercy has endured.

I know there are more prophets out there… but this three are my best examples, all suffered, all taught prayers, all didn’t contradict the revealed Truth and all had/have enemies in the top.

On Maria of Divine Mercy… there are no contradictions, many prayers revealed, she has suffered much, has many enemies at the top, just look how her Bishop in Ireland blasted her, but when he was asked in a radio program if homosexuality was a sin, this “man of God” said: “I don’t know.”

The worst part is when false witness are prepared to ridiculed you and give false statements, that’s exactly what happened with Jesus in the Sanhedrin, the same thing happened with the Children of Fatima with some of their close friends, the same happened with Garabandal and Maria of Divine Mercy.

Jesus had to see those false witness and think that they too need salvation, with God’s prophets happened the same, as they prayed for their persecutors, tears followed… I could only imagine them dealing with those false witness and experience a little bit of such pain.

Maria of Divine Mercy had a blonde woman impersonating her, took newspapers who mentioned her name while conveniently been photographed and later call the messages/prayer as feces.

Who in their right minds could call the path of praying for the conversion and salvation of all by doing the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Crusade prayers feces?

The messages don’t contradict the Gospel and as it now, if you analyzed the behavior of ‘papa’ Bergoglio and all things happening around the world… I can only say in sadness that all have come true.

Sadness, because souls are at stake and many are falling in error with the strange teachings given by the world and its most powerful ally: ‘papa’ Frank.

More things are yet to come that it’ll come true…

Garabandal too has prayers and tons of persecution, like Fatima did in its day and yes, even with the miracle of the sun, those who weren’t there still called the children demons.

My favorite prayer of MDM is Crusade prayer #103… and let’s be clear: the devil WOULD NEVER call for people to recite the Rosary not even jokingly, MDM true followers recite them 3 times a day, which is lovely.

It wasn’t only that she prophesied that pope Benedict would be pushed out the door one year before he resigned, but another of the jaw dropping messages that became true, came on Saturday 5th 2011 when Jesus asked for prayers for pope Benedict and reveals a little about the false prophet:

“…His humility will be false, his intentions mischievous and the love he exudes will be all about him. He will be seen as being innovative, dynamic – a breath of fresh air…”

I remember, did see all those liberal Bishops like Cardinal Dolan and many in the leftist media calling ‘papa’ Bergoglio a breath of fresh air and I just shook my head, years away from happening and it did… but hey, even our Lord walked among many and they didn’t believe, betrayed Him and was called a demon.

Anyways… private revelation is another way of proclaiming the Gospel as people don’t believe anymore in the public one, unfortunately many do like to crucify their own.

On Maria, for her to be truly rejected, there has to be an official investigation and for that, she needs to be revealed, Jesus prohibit her to do so, only until the warning and the illumination of conscience happens, He has His reasons for this.

On Garabandal, with Padre Pio being their spiritual father, that’s all I need to know, Pio is my proof proclaiming Garabandal as a true revelation…

Despite what I say, people will continue their persecution and slandering, it doesn’t matter… Jesus remained silent when was asked by Pilate: “What is truth?” So people will continue with their crucifixion… my advice? PRAY… apostasy has come, so pray, pray and pray more… don’t dismiss things and call people demons if you don’t understand, just PRAY.

For those who understood from the start… my salute to you, remain faithful and resist.

Tons of blessings


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  1. Hi, again. I like very much this article. I recommend to you, if it is needed to read the prophecies of Anna Katharina Emmerick, that have become true, one by one, beginning with the devil on the needle roof top building in Moscow, waiting to launch the assault to the world: in 1820. There are many more and I think they concern Frankie (not for Saint Francis, but for Jakob Frank and/or FRANKmason)… Listen, can you give me a reliable online source for Maria Divine Mercy, that there is much buzz on her. I would appreciate very much this service. I will pray for you…


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