4th of July

I thank You Almighty Father for me been born in the United States,
this land fought against tyranny, to slowly and sadly go back to tyranny.
Please Lord Jesus spare all the decent families in the USA,
spare those who try to Love you despite the reigning wickedness.

Sweet, sweet Jesus… You are the Will of Your Father and His Will is,
that all knees on earth, Heaven and the abyss kneel before You Lord,
and there, we Love You and shall do Your commandments… please,
spare all the decent families who Love You despite living in this wicked land.

Wicked, as this land has embraced all that was bad and and call it good,
bullied the good calling it bad… good families are at the entrance like Lot.
We are waiting for You my Lord, don’t delay. Come my Love… come,
4th of July is here and we are grateful, spare all who have endured evil.

This is no longer a Nation under God, this is a Nation who has rejected God
and persecutes anyone who Loves You… Poor soldiers, poor workers,
poor all those who did reject You by the cunning of the devil’s minions,
pray that we all open our eyes in time and Love You. Amen

Happy 4th of July.


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