Everything under Heaven has its time and place according to Ecclesiastes 3:1, this Holy Words from God Himself are so beautiful… THINK, think back the first time you accepted Jesus in your life, please go back a little bit and remember.

I do remember my first time I truly accepted Jesus, it was 1992 at a Catholic retreat, but despite me accepting Jesus as my God and Savior I wasn’t yet there, as I was an awful christian.

Years later I did found a youth group in which I grew, made my confirmation, there I’ve met my wife, after 3 kids and tough times I forgot religion for a while and then on the brink of death and years of being ill my conversion heated up.

Met people who by their deeds or words console me through Jesus and later on affected bit by bit my soul… then my neo-catholic and Woodstock (ecumenism) mindset changed when a Catholic showed me that my “yea-yea everyone is saved” view wasn’t from God.

My appetite for the heavenly things made me investigate a little about my faith, somewhere in my readings on the life of the saints showed me how evil is communion in the hand, so after years of taking my Lord in my unworthy hands, I stopped taking it in the hands, started kneeling before my Lord and receiving Him in my tongue.

A year or less later, I started to attend Latin Mass…

Seen my road before, where I stand now and where I’m going next is just amazing… how my Lord Jesus, intervened throughout the years for me to find the truth, to find him and the beauty of Catholicism.

Timing… When you have accepted Jesus, God is molding the clay of your soul throughout time, even though you don’t know or see it right away, God is pulling us to Him, conversion that will help you see the truth.

Time on earth, eternity in heaven, God works with both in order to save us from ourselves, THINK, about your conversion and how far you have come. Yet… despite been far off, light years away from sainthood, thanks be to God for all those moments throughout our lives that we have said YES to the Lord and let Him save us.

Tons of blessings.


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