The trend, on Lynch and the culture of encounter.

While walking around the outside perimeter of my Employer’s building, I was thinking about “Bishop” Lynch and everything happening in the world as we speak, bear with me…

In Spain one of the leading newspaper of that country displayed a cartoon with the monster who killed 50 people in Orlando, a cartoon of him with a shotgun, in which the barrel is a cross, despite it was a homosexual Muslim who did this, it didn’t matter, the world is trying to spin this on the one true Faith.

Most powers have condemned this atrocity and now most are proclaiming those who got killed as martyrs.

Well, may God have Mercy on their souls and Mercy on their families, but there wasn’t any martyrs there.

Hate will be the card to trump virtue, because we ‘hate’ then laws will be passed to proclaim the freemason “culture of encounter” that Francis have proclaimed so much, Islam will be praised as “Bishop” Lynch has as ‘peaceful’ and the guillotine will be handed for our necks to either accept impurity or else.

Now it is known that the killer was a homosexual, I would love to see “Bishop” Lynch face when reading the news, but, does it matter? The harm that “Bishop” Lynch has done is already there, it has been there since long, but instead he has remained as Bishop.

Lynch has force himself out of Catholicism, but nowadays we have no one to protect us from the wolves clothed in sheep.

How many wolves are out there? Turn around and ask yourself out of all the Bishops in the world who did find the resignation of Pope Benedict as terrible news? Few out of hundreds and out of all those Bishops today, who are actually speaking according to the Traditions of the one true Faith? Few.

Today homosexuality, ecumenism and innovations are the trend as good inside the Church, while the world doesn’t hate the “New Catholic church”, as the most popular pope and bishops are speaking about mercy, love and acceptance.

Those people in Orlando died and it was allowed by Heaven so that all see the level of perversion that the world has, the same world who cheers for the Dolan’s, Lynch’s, Cupisch’s, and Gomez’s from Francis popular “reign.”

Here in the USA it has become increasingly difficult to speak in favor of the good news of our Lord, it is seen as fanatic, no one wants to listen, even in your own family.

Now it is time to make those in the Orlando shootings as heroes and martyrs, well, the world has its “martyrs” and the Church has true martyrs, only God will separate the goats from the sheeps, but I wouldn’t like to be a martyr of the world.

The tide has turn sheeps and like in the days of Noah, the trend is wickedness and wickedness is beautiful, what can we do? Pray, go back to the traditions of old, people of the past didn’t know when an antipope was there and many suffered, today is the same… the top has hung themselves, kicked themselves out of the Church and their preaching is poisoning everything.

Retreat to the traditions of old, resist and be faithful.


Tons of Blessings



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