Confusion Incarnate

‘Pope’ Francis now says that most of what he says is null, all this time he knew and how come he would be ignorant about it? He insults traditionals all the time on his ‘off the cuff’ blabber and contradicts Jesus consistently for the Joy of all false religions and confusion of the little ones.

For those who always believed that ‘papa’ Bergoglio had some sort of a mental disease or senile dementia, this, is another sign how brilliant and evil this man is, he knows exactly what he’s doing, be warned…this is another uppercut to put people to sleep.

His intentions are not to confuse the world, as the world is already confused, his intentions are are to confuse Catholics to open up the Gospel for all the hellish ideas the world holds dear:

“Most Catholic marriages are nulled… cohabitation are real marriage.” Francis

Looking those words through the world’s glasses, those words makes ‘logic’, but God doesn’t favor logic, what God values is how a man embraces His Divine Law with love, as men reads:

“It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Mat 4:4

Francis returning from his visit to the Philippines said that his exhortations, homilies and encyclical were “teachings, TRUE MAGISTERIUM”

And after 3 years of NO corrections to all his words he comes with this null falsity… Liberal priests already took to heart his false teachings, for the longest time he has said “proselytism is nonsense” and now the head of the Anglican Church is saying it:

“Christians should not talk to people about their faith unless they are actively invited to do so” Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury

There’s a saying in the Spanish speaking world when a person does something evil and then distance itself from trouble, making the believe that he/she didn’t do it or didn’t intent to:

“Tu eres como maria ramos, que tira la piedra y escondes la mano” Translation: “You are like mary ramos who threw the stone and hid the hand”

‘Papa’ Bergoglio doesn’t evangelize the world but he is actively proselytizing to change Catholic minds to embrace a false gospel, the gospel of the world.

Ask yourselves, has any other pope in history taught any of the stuff Bergoglio has taught? ‘atheists do good and we’ll meet there’, ‘Muslims with the coran with the faith of your fathers that it’ll take you far’, and comparing Jesus proselytism to that of Isis and ‘Cohabitation is a real marriage’?

I just reminded you 4 statements that involves people of the world through false religion, atheism, evangelization of non believers and cohabitation… those 4 involves a massive count of souls who, if they hear what he says, will relax their wicked behavior and condemn themselves even further.

What he said about his off the cuff words being ‘null’ doesn’t brush off the heresies he has infused and continues to do so to priests and the laity… my Lesbian sister, who I tried to evangelize with what the bible says in Corinthians on homosexuality called me a hater, that Francis said “who am I to judge”, he is only trying to leave no one behind…

I love my sister and want her salvation, I just read her Corinthians and that’s her reaction; anyone who Love our Lord and sees what is happening in Vienna, Canada, England, Germany and the poison written through both exhortations, knows this ‘pope’ is a liberal one.

Ask yourselves this? Can someone seating in Peter’s throne be liberal? Can someone named pope say ‘do not imitate the life of Jesus’? Has ANY pope EVER, relaxed the world by saying ‘cohabitation is a real marriage’?

What he says is ‘null’… yeap, say that to the Cupisch, Forte, Maradiaga, Marx, Schonborn, Wuerl, Tagle, Dolan, Lynch, Gomez, O’malley, Rosica’s of the world and and all those lukewarmth and famous priests who are giving the Eucharist to the ‘weak’ (unrepentant).

Sheeps, DO NOT LET YOURSELVES BE DECEIVED, don’t let this man put you to sleep… the venom has spread so deep, that if the college of Cardinals don’t intervene or at least pope Benedict says something live and directly about his poison soon, Catholics will continue to err and endangered their souls or just fall to hell.

Remain watchful, be faithful and resist.

Tons of blessings


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