Is Francis one of them?

“Papa” Bergoglio outraged by the Orlando massacre, condemned such thing, well good… but, many nations who are killing Christians like rabbits, women being raped and slaved gets nothing, only a few pretty words in a homily, but not a strong and persistent condemnation.

Make no mistake, the Orlando massacre has wickedness written all over and any Christian who is not disturbed at least a little by it, should question their Christianity… but the millions killed in the womb, those girls of Boko haram and the Asia Bibi’s of the world haven’t receive the strong condemnations that mafia and the so called “culture” of waste have received.

In Israel a Jewish man, perhaps a rabbi (I don’t remember), said, that Francis is focus on saving humanity, not souls…

Now have you seen lately what’s out there?

The USA transgender filth, the Canada animal sexual gratification with humans hellish law, are out there and a few well spoken words or nothing at all is all we get.

Clooney is one of many men who stand by the abortion/LGBT agenda, one of many recognized by Francis… all ‘papa’ Bergoglio needs to do is to say or write a few beautiful words to put to sleep many traditional and neocatholics inside the Church.

Pro-lifers see a paragraph in both Amoris Laetitia and in Evangelii Gaudium and they cheer and dance on how big about pro-life he is and only a few of them, very few pro-lifers do see the problem.

Now, each pope of the past have condemned wickedness like for example: Communism, abortion, homosexuality, innovations, contraception, freemasonry but Francis? Well he has spoken against Capitalism, Catholic traditionalism, silence on the rest mentioned above, also condemned mafia and the mass shooting in Orlando… for those 2 let’s give him a little star for effort.

We know what is going on and ‘pope’ Francis won’t get me to sleep… unfortunately, his PR machine has work well, here in most Florida pulpits priests have been doing proselytism on rejecting any criticism on the pope and to push away any ‘bad media’ on the pope.

Why Francis can’t condemn the Obama administration on their Obamacare and LGBT filth? Why he can’t condemn Hillary and her ‘babies don’t have rights’ heresy? Why Canada can bully people with their LGBT dictatorial regime and their now sexual gratification by pets?

Because Francis is part of those in line for the new world order chaos.

Francis few paragraphs on abortion, gender identity and homosexual union aren’t scaring people from doing it, on the contrary, once he writes or say something right, immediately after he says the contrary or greets wicked men who advocates for those sins by praising them, like if they are a good example to follow.

Sheeps, even freemasons do “good”, they (like Francis) accept atheists, gays, transgenders, all religions as OK, this is their way of thinking: humanism, at least, this is how lower and mid level freemasons behave.

Francis is knowingly trashing the Church and that makes him a Judas, condemning Mafia members and the Orlando massacre is a good thing, but make no mistake, he will never condemn persistently: plan parenthood, Obama, both England and Canada LGBT dictatorship and those governments who are allowing martyrdom in the hands of extremists.

The blood of Christians is being sold in Islamic countries, last I checked, it was 700 dollars a bottle, Muslims use blood to cleanse their sins… and Francis? Oh yeah, Jesus like Isis is trying to conquer nations by bullying people.

Back when  Fr. Kolbe was alive and freemasons marched in Italy shouting that they will take over the Church from the inside, that, was no joke, ask yourselves this: how a common but active freemason behaves? And you’ll find out that they too are fighting for tolerance, the young and old, etc…

So the most frightening question is… behaving like a freemason is actually a characteristic of what you are or is a mere coincidence? Well, being a member of the rotatory club doesn’t help ‘papa’

Sheeps… open your eyes, Rome has lost the faith and soon will seat the antichrist inside, it is time to go back to the traditions of Old, find a traditional minded priest and go back to the traditions of old… remain faithful and resist.

Tons of Blessings


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  1. Nice article, I read all your work. If you can read Spanish, please, read this piece of mine: There, like in many other papers, I demonstrate that he is a M, along with a commie.


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