The Mercy Game…

Catholics who know their faith well saw a ‘smoke bomb’ when the “year of Mercy” was proclaimed, some other Catholics despite knowing very well their faith, they decided for the longest time to embrace prudence, regarding the false mercy agenda proclaimed by the top…

The ‘others’? Well, they cheered each thing ‘pope’ Francis taught as heavenly and amazing! Few of them did opened their eyes, some, very ashamed to come out, and the vast majority of them? They are dancing to the tunes of “false Mercy.”

How things are right now inside the Church? You all know… is all about Mercy, Mercy, Mercy… Yep, false mercy that is, those who are abortionists, evil doers and flat out enemies of the Church are proclaimed as brave, heroes and good people, and worse… put in places of power.

Years have passed since Francis was proclaimed ‘pope’, year after year, many defended each and every word or deed he made, while Francis never corrected his own stance.

When the year of Mercy was proclaimed, we knew it was just a fairy tale used for distraction, used to put to sleep many and wickedness to be put in place; when evidence was shown, that it was all planned a long time ago, many refused to hear, we weren’t surprised at all and the cheerers? still dancing to falseness.

The Mercy game was done, like if it was a thing made by those in power in “free” Nations, those who are beacons of liberalism everywhere, it seems like they all colluded and designed this themselves:

“Don’t judge, tolerance, stop the hating, if you flash the law you are a Pharisee, etc…”

Francis comparing those who honored Jesus commandment of “Going out and making disciples of all nations” with how Isis do their wickedness, is a flat out slap in the face of anybody who loves our Lord, YET, nobody have the courage to call things like they are: heresies and flat out wickedness from hell.

Again, Obedience is NOT an act of blindness, IT IS an act of Love… and if you truly Love Jesus you will do His commandments and obey God rather than men.

Sheeps, we are living exactly what Cardinal Ciapi said about the 3rd secret and what our Blessed Lady said in La Salette, the match together well with 2 Thes 2 and Revelations, in summary, what those remarks revealed is: APOSTASY AND THE LOSE OF FAITH.

Fear nothing, don’t remain silent, don’t fall for their tricks…

The bible always speaks about two camps and it is the smaller camp, those who respected the law always won, they did it always with love, with Almighty Father at their side.

Jesus had 70 disciples and they did walk away, but Jesus NEVER cared about the numbers, only those who cared about His Father.

Francis have rejected the Will of Almighty Father laid in His Son Jesus by mocking and rejecting His commands, sheeps… open your eyes, remain FAITHFUL AND RESIST.

Tons of blessings


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