Hatred against a ‘Saint’?

Most people believe that some of us hate ‘pope’ Francis, I can tell you for myself that I pray for ‘pope’ Francis soul most times and praying for someone who is trying to rip you apart, it doesn’t matter who it is, is hard to do with love… but I Love my Lord and He said:

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.” Matt 5:44-45

At the beginning of my path, which was to tell the whole world about Jesus Mercy, I saw that there was something off on this man who behaved like any good will citizen of the world who thinks that repentance is overrated as Francis declared:

“Atheists do good and we’ll meet there”… “who am I to judge”… “Muslims with the coran with the faith of your fathers that it’ll take you far”

Three statements that proclaims the intentions of Francis own heart.

In His autobiography written with his friend rabbi Skorka, Francis says clearly that he wouldn’t dare to say that the lives of atheists are condemned…

Illinois accepted gay marriage with his ‘who am I to judge’ ambiguous claim and this past few days claimed that proselytism of ISIS is the same as when Jesus send us out to make disciples of all Nations.

Hate? There’s no hate… We tried hard for him to correct his words, to proclaim to ALL mankind that without Jesus there’s no way to be saved… yet, he continue to proclaim confusion.

My priest today (as I was pointing to him the ‘loud silence’ shown by Francis and the transgender mess throughout the USA), told me that Francis did in fact said that people should embrace their own gender… true, he did this, but honored George Clooney one of the many Hollywood stars backing the transgender filth, he hasn’t condemned the transgender lie, didn’t condemned Obama’s tyranny on this issue, so he has been silent and while saying one thing right goes and does the contrary with Clooney.

Like when he said ‘we speak too much about abortion, contraception and homosexuality’, when the reality is the contrary, priests don’t talk nor condemn this as much, but like he has said, ‘the teaching of the Church is clear’, unfortunately that doesn’t mean that governments will stop.

The blast have been that Francis have said one thing to do the contrary later, receiving homosexual couples, transgenders, allowing rock-stars to do concerts inside the Holy Temple, then go against teaching and on divorce and remarried certain ‘cases needs discernment’ and help them with the Eucharist as the Eucharist is for the ‘weak not the perfect.’

Hatred? There’s no hate for Francis, we want him to convert, to embrace Catholicism, but he don’t want to listen, listen to anyone who points out to his outrageous but beautiful lies… I don’t want Francis to be condemned, nor you, nor me… not one soul.

Unfortunately the damage has been done and souls have been thrown to hell, the same hell Francis have suggested it doesn’t exist… I have to be obedient to Jesus and all of His Teachings given to the Catholic Church, Church which is receiving the blows by the now proclaimed ‘saint’ by many.

I am a small mouth proclaiming, that we are facing the reign of an antipope, but even antipopes needs salvation, like the first antipope now saint: St. Hippolytus.

Personally I don’t hate Francis, my hope is that he gets saved and this nightmare is over, but I know that everything will remain the same, Francis have been send by God to make the waters bitter, as he, is wormwood the fallen star (Rev 8:11).

Sheeps, pray for Francis soul not his deadly intentions, open your eyes to the truth as we are living in dark times, apocalyptic times, our Lord is soon to come once Francis corrupts even more the Holy Temple, so that the antichrist rolls in like a hero.

Remain faithful and resist.

Tons of blessings.


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