Calling a divorce and remarried woman to ‘switch’ parishes because her priest doesn’t allow her to receive it, now that’s Catholic.

Suggesting that ‘even Christ’ allows divorce and remarried to eat the Eucharist, that’s amazingly Catholic.

Allowing the ‘curas villeros priests’ get to the slums and giving the Eucharist to irregular couples, that’s in your face sweet… I mean you’re a genius!

Proclaiming that the ‘old structures’ don’t serve for nothing (and no, he is not talking about buildings, he is talking about the traditions of old, the tridentine mass belongs there), that the ‘old’ is of ‘no use’, now that’s heavenly.

Get to the cameras and say, there’s not going to be communion for the divorce and remarried on his trip from Mexico and then saying ‘YES’ on your trip back from Lesbos, that’s not only Catholic but super apostolic.

Your rabbi friend comes up to you and tells you how ‘problematic’ evangelization is, and responding you say to him ‘proselytism is nonsense’ and when elected you repeat this several times, so much, that now all your friends are saying it, even in the protestant churches… wow, amazingly Catholic.

Putting notorious LGBT mass celebrants in position of power disregarding canon law and all the teachings of our forefathers,  ‘who am I to judge’ has opened the doors to all Gay lobbyists to proclaim their right to sodomy… Man, your better than all the Apostles.

While in Argentina allowing your priests to baptize the children of gay couples, then fight in front of the Argentinian congress not to approve gay marriage, but meeting in secret with the gay lobby apologizing to them, telling them that you approve civil unions but you couldn’t call that a marriage… now that’s standing by the truth.

Never in your lifetime tried to convert someone from other faith, never having at least one testimony from anyone that some of your inter-religious buddies embraced Catholicism… That’s hands down Catholic.

When one of your buddies came to you about converting to the one true faith you encourage him to remain protestant, that’s as Catholic as the creed, right?

Telling everybody of your works, with you humility is even deeper when you tell the whole world, instead of having it as a secret between you and God… Catholic king Kong got nothing on you brother.

Never mentioning Jesus in your trips to the UN, US congress and EU parliament, instead having speeches reserved for politicians about the old, the needy, the immigrants forgetting that they too needs Jesus, those politicians, the old, the needy and those immigrants needs salvation; more Catholic than mother Theresa.

Telling the Argentinian Bishops in a meeting that they should stand by homosexual civil unions ripping apart your oath to serve Christ… man, when I grow up I want to be as Catholic as you papa Bergoglio.


All canon laws, Divine laws laid in the bible broken to your suit… Joking about those people who counts Rosaries, joking about those who are more papist than the pope, insulting traditionalists because they prefer to live the heavenly and ancient mass, proclaiming beautiful lies and pointing the finger to those who ‘defend truth’ as people who twist words.

Well you never correct your lies, you bully those who love truth, you omit on pure wickedness and worse of all encourage people living in sin, people with false religions and false teachers to carry on with their filth.

NOW, that’s UNCATHOLIC and anybody who says otherwise, them too are part of the problem.

If ANY priest, not being in a place of power, would’ve done half the things Bergoglio have done and proclaimed, that priest would’ve been cast aside, and if this, would’ve been happening under the reign of St Pius X, you would’ve been defrocked.

Sheeps, don’t be deceived, things aren’t as they are… we have an antipope and his fruits reveals that he is indeed, his behavior has never been Catholic, not before nor after elected, and this is one of the many reasons we have a false pope in power, we are living in times that many lived under those who were antipopes.

Dark times we are living as we speak, the only thing we can do is: RESIST, stay faithful by embracing the traditions of old, fleeing bad priests, never stay silent, sacrifice while raising our Rosaries to Heaven.

 Tons of blessings.



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