The holocaust of souls.

Pope Leo the great heard Almighty Father saying in his vision, about when more power was given to the devil: “there will be a great price to pay.”

Forwarding to Pope Paul VI: “the smoke of satan has entered the Church”, we are suffering this alright.

Bear with me… in horror movies you often hear some guy who is supposed to know about demons, saying: “the greatest triumph of the devil was making everyone believe that he doesn’t exist.”

It is true, that in itself is a triumph, but according to the devil himself, his greatest triumph has been convincing the Catholic Church to give the Eucharist in the hand.

In an exorcism performed by a famous exorcist in Colombia, Fr Wilson Salazar, the devil obliged by our Blessed Mother Mary, revealed, how he convinced the Church to allow such a mockery to our Lord, when not even angels are allow to touch our Lord in Heaven, but we on earth we stretch out our unworthy hands and touch Jesus Holy Flesh, those, who are devil followers, they have it easy to steal a consecrated host and do wicked things on to it.

There is a reason why since 1965, no great saint has been born into the world, think about it, all of the last great saints were born before 1965, the last great saints like Padre pio, Mother Theresa (she is one), Pope JPII the great were born before 1965, today the only thing we have are martyrs and believe me, there is a difference, is not the same St Francis of Assisi or St Therese of Lissieux than someone who died because of being a Christian in the middle east, there are different degrees of Sainthood, no Padre Pio’s or St Francis of Assisi’s have been born since 1965.

There is a reason why so many priests have fallen from grace, so many have quit, so few have responded to the call and so many have thrown their holy vestments away.

LGBT masses, radicalized nuns, many who don’t believe in Catholicism, many participating in strange rituals, yet, they still work with their unbelief to throw many in hell.

The Eucharist in the hand, is the devil’s greatest triumph alright, and people don’t want to know, they reject that having Jesus Holy Flesh in the hand is a sin, when, it was taught since the very beginning of the Church, that the Eucharist can only be received in the hand UNDER open persecution only and we were under open persecution in those first years of the Church, when Christians were killed by anyone, by any means necessary, until, emperor Constantine ended the bloodbath.

Anyways… people don’t care, while the butchering and mockery of our Lord continues inside the Church, pope Leo saw the face of God when He said about the high price to pay and His face wasn’t like, if God was happy, there is a holocaust of souls being done right now, with more than 2 thirds of the priests throwing souls to hell, right to the devil’s mouth.

The devil’s greatest triumph is a mockery to our Lord, which halts the spiritual progression of many and that makes the devil happy, seeing mockery after mockery inside the Church every time there’s a novus ordo mass.

But another triumph is happening right now: Francis.

Francis is the now big thing on the devil’s accomplishments, so much confusion has been flowing with this man seating as “peter”, all sorts of darkness is eclipsing doctrine with his beautiful but deadly gospel, people are walking straight to perdition with his false mercy agenda which suits the devil well.

It is just a sad and dark time, like when some Catholic priests adhere to the Nazis back in Germany…

Put your armors pastors, your sheeps are burning with fire and Francis is pouring gasoline, trust only your Lord Jesus in all His commandments, it is time to lay it all in the line for your Lord, even your lives, and that it’s coming soon, when the battle will switch to a physical level, obey God rather than men and you will live and die in holiness… resist and remain faithful.

Tons of blessings



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