Transgender wood

The United States of America, the Land of the “free” and the home of the strange, as we walk side by side (unwillingly), with men who have taken their sins to another level, the land of transgenders: Transgenderwood.

Transgenders defy Almighty Father in such an open way, they hide in the sufferings they have “endured”, like if they were heroes; transgenders back up with the gay lobby, they corrupt everything in society, like a virus, a disease, corrupting the body taking away life.

The United States of America is the leading beacon, corrupting everything it touches, look how they corrupted the education system, the diplomat corps, the military… I often see to Heaven and ask God: “Please come now, don’t delay”

Like Lot waiting at the gates of Sodom I’m waiting for God, but Lot did wait a long time, while Sodom had their filth going on 24 hours a day.

Lifesitenews did a piece which describes the poison hidden between the lines of Obama’s transgender hellish plan (here), it shows how deep the bullying is, in summary if you don’t do what they want, federal law suits will follow and your funds will be taken away, so you comply or go bankrupt.

Right now, most of the giant corporations in the USA have that policy in place, in which a man can use the women’s bathroom, Target was the only one that made it public, but most giant business have this policy now, so if you go to a supervisor dressed like your grandma you could use women’s bathroom.

Vengeance is coming for the USA of America, the land of my birthplace, we will get kicked in the mouth with fire; Hollywood, the media, government, Christians and my dear Catholic Church are in agreement to let this happen… only a few are fighting.

Francis? Please… in all this transgender nightmare he and the bishops have been complicitly silent, letting North Carolina and some other states to walk alone in this war against iniquity and filth, but that’s what he wants.

This is what Catholics, who commits omission with Francis venomous gospel don’t get, Francis writing one or two lukewarmth and beautiful paragraphs (no more than 1 or 2), about abortion or the gay agenda, those gets praised, but in reality he doesn’t fight the fight, because he wants iniquity to flourish… don’t believe me? Just see his fruits, his fruits says it all as we can’t go against anyone’s conscience and judge acts.

Francis doesn’t need to fight against the LGBT agenda, because they are making it legal everywhere,  he doesn’t need to push wickedness on to us, the world is doing it for him; the USA don’t have Francis condemning them actively because of the transgender and gay bullying, just see how Archbishop Gomez in California celebrated mass with a gay couple with their child and… is Francis saying or doing something about that? NO!

Perhaps you’re thinking: “maybe you hate Francis”, “You don’t have the authority to judge him”, well… St Paul didn’t stop to go ahead and rebuke Peter for his error against the gentiles, BECAUSE HIS ACTIONS SPOKE LOUDLY and if St Paul would’ve stay silent, he too would’ve been guilty… I don’t hate Francis, I’m angered by his actions which have led many souls to perdition, I pray for his soul to accept Jesus as God and Savior.

Sheeps, everything is corrupting and we turn to the Church and they behave even worse (sadly), too many priests are turning their backs to God, some to please the world, some to please Bergoglio, and some too cowards to embrace crucifixion.

The transgender nightmare and gay agenda will not stop now that the Church is run by the enemies of God… Sheeps, Rome has lost the faith and next? The antichrist is to be revealed.

Resist and remain faithful.

Tons of blessings.


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