Ode to Rosica

Father Rosica is ranting,
about those who loves truth…
while “peter” is tanking
doctrine inside the Church.

Jews no longer needs Christ,
Salt and light’s agenda is about gays,
which makes feel right…
the many Fortes of our days.

Francis is demolishing the Faith
and homopriests are feeling the love.
Rosica’s suffering pain,
because hermenuticals are not crushed.

Praying for me Rosica?
that’s sweet!!!
thanks, but no thanks,
I need the prayers from a real priest.

Tons of blessings.

P.S: This ode is long overdue, I don’t enjoy picking on those who have consecrated hands, but, since he is so proud to push for a Church that serves the “realities” of the world then it makes it easier for me to publish this.

Lord have Mercy let Rosica convert. Amen


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