Ganswein don’t fool yourself

No, is not a tale of the Lord of the rings, where there is a story about two towers, but Excellency Archbishop Ganswein thinks that there’s a situation in which, the two towers, sorry… the two popes have the keys of Peter.

Peter is one, there’s no “Peter’s” running the Church, in the history of the Church NEVER something like that, happened. Jesus anointed with His breath one man only, Peter is the one… in him, the Church was built.

Pope Benedict will be known as a pope martyr, because, he endured dry martyrdom with the tons of Judas betraying him left and right until finally he did the unthinkable, he ceded to the pressure to go and he did.

Francis and Benedict is not a case of 2 popes running things, is a case of one pope suffering for the Church and the other (Francis) destroying it.

Excellency Ganswein is fooling himself to think that such thing exists, but there’s the precedent of those who have grasp power while a true pope is alive in order to poison the well of living waters.

Look what is going on in most privileged nations of the world, look how in England the Bishop of that false religion of Henry VIII proclaimed that “Christians shouldn’t proselytize unless someone ask you to”, that is the same poisonous teaching of Francis in Evangelii Gaudium regarding Jews, and that’s exactly what the Vatican later proclaimed, no more evangelization to Jews.

Abortion, LGBT, contraception agenda has been made legal up to certain extent, all around us, telling us that is something good and even mandatory in the case Obamacare and the transgenderism filth.

Excellency Ganswein, please open your eyes, there’s no two popes running things in the Church… there is only one suffering while the other is destroying, don’t fool yourself.

Francis the destroyer, Benedict the martyr… Pope Benedict will be known as Benedict XVI the brave, open your eyes and see the truth.


Tons of blessings



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