Rupture this Francis!

Lately I have heard a lot about “those” who are rupturists, but nothing, on why priests don’t tell the truth? The truth, a thing priests don’t want any part of it nowadays…

I went to confession today and the priest told me that the “father of lies” is a metaphor, I remember how another priest in the middle of his homily said on that the man who was possessed by evil spirits called ‘legion’, that man in reality had “psychiatric problems”, they don’t believe that the devil exists.

Spiritual famine is what we are suffering and the man seating in Peter’s throne telling people his beautiful but deadly gospel… but us telling it like it is, now that’s being demonic and RUPTURIST.

All this priests telling the world such an erroneous gospel… Jews no longer needs evangelization, the Eucharist now is being given to the divorce and remarried, sex education supposed to be given in the classroom BUT we or better said… I, am the demonic and rupturist for saying it like it is.

I don’t need the pope to be saved, what I need is Jesus and a faithful Catholic priest that don’t believe in this JOY BERGOGLIO VENOMOUS GOSPEL, that’s all I need…

Listen, ANY priest or group of priests who teaches different from the truth revealed in the bible, the catholic traditions handed down from our forefathers, those have ALREADY BREAK FROM THE CHURCH… they are no longer Catholic.

There is a schism alright in the Catholic Church, a great one, and it has been provided by those in power and lukewarmth priests.

NOW, do we run away from the ONE true faith? No… Should we make another religion? No… Should we resist? Yes… Should we run away from those enemies of the Church teaching such outrageous lies? Yes.

Many are TROUBLED by the ‘defenders of truth’ but what they really should be worried is about to please their Lord in all His commandments and not water down doctrine like they have.

Nobody sees or wants to see, WE don’t have to obey anything contrary to dogma… Amoris laetitia, Evangelii Gaudium, ambiguous homilies and attitudes, we need to be sure that NONE of his dubious and poisonous teachings gets done.


Tons of blessings


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