The Holiest ‘pope’ ever…

Humanism vows to man and that was the first sign of trouble seen when “pope” Francis vowed to the crowd in St. Peter’s square when elected: “Pray for me”, instead of doing what all popes have done, blessing the Church first.

No sign of the cross when he came out, just a simple hello, but, 99% of the Catholic world now thinks, how wonderful and noble soul he is, the holiest pope ever, despite being the only pope in the whole world never to condemn communism, to preach not to convert anybody and preach a long list of insults to those who have sacrifice so much for following the Catholic faith, traditionalists.

Rejecting, with what he call “carnival time”, the sacred vestments used for special occasions, one of those which was used always: the red shoes.

‘Oh I need to be around of people’ said the “living saint”, when he rejected to live in the papal apartments, sure, I guess he wouldn’t have slept at all in the same place where St. Pious X once lived.

How Jews must not be saved, when he proclaimed in his 1st exhortation (Joy of the gospel), that Jews don’t need conversion to the Catholic faith and no one seemed to care, then the Vatican followed pushing that onto us.

But everything he says and does is ‘heavenly’, and anything that we or anyone points out as heresy and pure evil is nothing but mud.

I say to them, thank you and God bless… you have your un-catholic pope and I have my faith, still, nothing changes, despite this man is obviously not Catholic (he never was), cowardice and error is celebrated while being zealous is called madness.

He can tell Muslims to continue their faith of their fathers instead of proclaiming Jesus Lordship, went to the EU parliament, the UN and the US congress and never mentioned Jesus as the only means of salvation in fact I challenge anyone to find Jesus anywhere in those speeches, chastised Catholics with large families, silence on the global apostasy and now he teaches to allow sacrilege in the daily sacrifice.

Nine out 10 Catholics nowadays believes in one or more evils as good, like: abortion, contraception, homosexuality, transgenderism, euthanasia, cohabitation, etc… hindering their chances to go to heaven by a 100%, but wait… when this man speaks, for example, that is OK to use condoms for the zika virus or in high AIDS areas, the only thing those lukewarmth Catholics can say is: “Oh, he is  so right!”

Despite his venomous agenda, he had the chance to steal Heaven like the good thief did (St. Dismas), by proclaiming Jesus Lordship to all Nations, denounce the giant wickedness of the global powers pushing their abortion, LGBT and contraception agenda, but instead preferred, to be loyal to the evil thinking of Jesus enemies and proclaim a liberal gospel.

True Catholics would’ve denounce such evils and proclaim Jesus to all Nations, not to go ahead and tell everyone that proselytism is nonsense, but hey, he is considered right now one of the holiest popes ever right?… I say what can you expect of someone who isn’t Catholic? A strange gospel and the world loves it, that’s right.

Sheeps: There is only one thing we could do, we have to remain faithful and be ever watchful, because if priests don’t say or do anything about the dangers of the liberal agenda pushed by this “living saint” and the global powers on us, then we must find one that does and if there’s no one, our Rosaries are the solution.

Tons of Blessings.





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