Cardinal Burke: Resist!

On May 7th 2016, his Excellency Card. Raymond Burke told us about the troubled parts of amoris Laetita and I quote:

“We are all tempted to engage in such WORLDLY ways of thought. It is my hope today to assist you in the battle to RESIST such thinking, in order to remain true to Christ Who is alive in you through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,” end quote.

Thanks your Excellency…

Resisting is not obeying ANYTHING that is contrary to the faith and prevent such orders to be implemented…

Unfortunately Francis only doing, has been undermining the faith with tiny beautiful lies, but those who don’t know the faith don’t care, to them it’s like rainbows and unicorns.

Francis doesn’t call for people to repent, never called people from other religions to accept Jesus through Catholicism…

On the contrary, he told his buddy Skorka about evangelization, that proselytism is ‘nonsense’ while being a Bishop of Argentina and when got elected? The Vatican proclaimed one of his venomous Joy of the Gospel beautiful lies (EG #247), when they declared that Jews shouldn’t be evangelize anymore.

Silent on Asi Bibi, silent on the kidnappings of those girls in Boko haram, silent on the rampant apostasy by the USA and their Gay/transgender bullying, SILENT on communism…

But, cheerily outspoken AGAINST capitalism, outspoken against traditional minded Catholics, incredible active by raising liberals to high places, outspoken about how all religions are children of God and every time he speaks to the world, it’s always about humanism and never mentions the Name above all Names: Jesus.

We are indeed all children of God, WHO are separated from Him due to sin, so in order to come back to Him, we need to REPENT AND EMBRACE JESUS AS OUR LORD.
But that is one thing Francis has NEVER done, when he speaks about Jesus is about pushing down his Liberal agenda on to Catholics.

Resisting? Yes we must resist thank you Cardinal Burke… unfortunately most high places are overrun by enemies and hoping this man be called as what he is as UN-CATHOLIC, is not expected.

We are living in countries were filth and abominations are called ‘normal’ and the most holy man on earth proclaiming beautiful lies, sex education in the classroom? Giving the Eucharist to the un-repentant?

Yes it’s time to resist, it’s time to weep, it’s time to remain faithful and FLEE any priest or parish pushing lies on to us.

Tons of blessings


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