A Muller cries in the desert…

“In certain cases, this can include the help of the sacraments… I would also point out that the Eucharist ‘is not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.’” Amoris Laetitia, chapter 8 foot note 351.

Cardinal Muller: “If Amoris Laetitia intended to rescind such a deeply rooted and such a weighty discipline, it would have expressed itself in a clear manner and it would have given the reasons for it. However, such a statement with such a meaning is not to be found in [Amoris Laetitia]. Nowhere does the pope put into question the arguments of his predecessors. They are not based upon the subjective guilt of these our brothers and sisters, but, rather, upon the visible, objective way of life which is in opposition to the words of Christ.” http://www.die-tagespost.de/ 5/07/2016.

Francis in his flight coming back from Greece, said to a bunch of journalists, if divorce and remarried could get to the sacraments in ‘certain’ situations:

“I can say yes.” (“Posso dire di sì“) http://www.onepeterfive.com/

So if we take his word for it… Card. Schonborn says yes and with Francis “yes” to the reporter on the plane and what priest ARE doing since AL came out, and what recently Bishop Bruno Forte said:

“If we speak explicitly of Communion for the divorced-and-remarried — Archbishop Forte said, quoting Pope Francis joking — we don’t know what a mess will result. So let’s not mention it directly. Make sure the premises are there, and I will draw the conclusions”. http://www.novusordowatch.org/wire/

Does Cardinal Muller genuinely believes what he said? Many have read footnote 351 and it is clear.

Bishop Fellay said something when was asked about AL, something that intrigued me:

“… THAT’S HOW IT WENT TO COMMUNION IN THE HAND and as I explained with the little hole in the vessel is appropriate, the boat sinks!” http://eponymousflower.blogspot.com/

Right after Vatican II, Communion in the hand was one of the tons of hot topics within the Catholic world and nowadays you see it everywhere, it is seen as “normal”, and we know is nothing more than sinful.

Are we at the same hellish precipice the Orthodox Church fell in? God have Mercy!

You know who gets a kick out of this? The devil, the mockery which is given to the Eucharist in the hand has been enormous and now sacrilege on top? It’s gotta be sweet for him, hell is open for business… thanks pope Francis.

A voice cries in the desert, Muller maybe… and priests don’t care and why should they? I mean, the pope has given us a lie surrounded by beautiful truth; only God knows if his cry is sincere or not, because AL is not as ambiguous as all the previous and dubious words of pope Francis.

Wolves will do what they do, with papa wolf saying “yes” to sacrilege and homo-wolf Bruno Forte calling it a plan, wolves should feel at ease devouring the sheep.

Tons of blessings.


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