The floodgates are open…

Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Mat 7:6

This is a prophecy that has become true, but nobody sees it… Michael Matt from the Remnant newspaper said something that only few people have seen in the last 3 years or so: “the true face of Vatican II has been revealed”, God spoke through Mr. Matt, God bless him.

Now, I’m adding something more to those words, that face of Vatican II revealed is nothing more than the face of Apostasy.

“Rome will lose the faith and becomes the seat of the Antichrist…” Our Blessed Lady, La Salette France 1846

Cardinal Ciapi must be now turning and tossing, he read the third secret of Fatima and he said about it: “The third secret says, among other things, that apostasy will come from the top”

The Vatican started to give communion in the hand to most nowadays, that didn’t happened before, but the most telling deed is giving the pearl to Lutherans, when Francis was asked about it, he could’ve said yes or no, but instead he said the same thing the enemies of the Church have preached to push falseness:

“…shouldn’t we be walking together?” Pope Francis, November 16th 2015.

Conscience, walking together, not judging, you get the picture… when the Eucharist was given to Lutherans right after a meeting with Francis, nobody did anything, Amoris Laetitia happened and everything is words but no action.

On April 18th 2016 Silvio Berlusconi became the first celebrity/politician, who received the Eucharist despite being divorced and remarried, the year of Mercy resulted being the year when the prophecy of La Salette became 100% true.

Yet, most people don’t see it that way, why? What do they see?

Legalism, hermenutical, pelagian perhaps? The talk in the catholic streets is that we need to chill out (sad), we need to have mercy… God told us about spiritual famine and people seeing what they want:

“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,” 2 Tim 4:3

Rome has lost the faith indeed and their strange Gospel is flooding all churches, those with little faith are falling in this beautiful, enchanting and “merciful” teaching which is 99% truth with 1 great lie, a lie with a truth is a lie altogether, this lie mocks and crucifies again our Lord Jesus Christ.

Proclaiming that we shouldn’t evangelize the Jews, wasting resources to tell Catholics that those who call God in different ways are in good standing, giving the Eucharist away to the unrepentant and remaining silent while the world legalizes most wicked things (abortion, contraception, gay marriage and transgender bathroom usage).

What to do?

Remain faithful to the Catholic faith, find a faithful priest who prefers to die instead to betray our Lord, don’t listen to those who preach blind obedience, again, obedience is about Love and we must Love God first and through this Love is how we could Love our brothers, that’s how we obey by loving God not by crucifying His only begotten Son.

Reject bad priests, reject anything or anyone who rejects doctrine in favor of a “pastoral solution”, those who are throwing the Eucharist to the swine, reject them with Love and pray for the souls; Rome has lost the faith indeed and what’s next is the antichrist to claim his seat, now is all a matter of when.

Tons of blessings.


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