Why priests are cheerfully crucifying our Lord Jesus?

Went to this beautiful Parish in St Petersburg Fl, the priest celebrated mass and he gave a nice homily, at the end of mass he was being greeted by everybody, this indeed was a man loved by his flock, I came at the very end and asked if he could confess me which he said yes.

After having confession, I had a small conversation with him on the 24th of April, right after mass in the evening, this was what we talked about:

“Fr. What do you think about Amoris Laetitia by pope Francis on giving communion to divorce and remarried couples?”

Fr. Cheerful: “Well, it is about giving communion to certain couples who had a pretty nasty divorce.”

“Are you going to give communion to this people Fr.?”

Fr. Cheerful: “Yes right after careful discernment on their situation.”

“But Fr., Jesus said in Luke 16:18 that whoever divorces a spouse to marry another commits adultery”

Fr. Cheerful: “Well yes but Jesus also said that we should give, does that convince you?”

“Fr. I don’t think that Jesus was talking about that… what about the teachings of the 2000 years of tradition?, because one man says different, should you abandon them?”

Fr. Cheerful: “We should have mercy.”

“Fr. a great Saint of the Church, the Cure of Ars: St. John Vianney, said that the thing that angers God the most is people having communion in grave sin.”

Fr. Cheerful: “Oh Lord…”

I was going to continue but Fr. Cheerful stopped me as he said: ‘this “discussion” needs to be, for another time’, I stood up from the confessional, walked out for the last time from St Raphael Parish, as I said to myself in sadness how priests for the sake of the world, prefer to ignore doctrine and prefer a “pastoral” solution, which is nothing more than a beautiful lie. I will look for someone who is truly a disciple or wants to be one…

The flock is on fire and compromises are embraced in order to be more “merciful”, I said to Fr. Cheerful that I was afraid that our Blessed Mother’s prophecy in La Salette has finally come true, in which she said: “Rome will lose the faith and becomes the seat of the antichrist…” Fr. Cheerful responded on that:

“No, no, no.”

Dear sheep: DON’T succumb to any fear, wonder around for a true and faithful Catholic Pastor, who would die first instead before betraying our Lord… Indeed Rome is preaching a strange Gospel.

Flee, flee away while remaining faithful to the one true faith, pray for all priests like this poor man who have forgotten the desire to become Martyrs, St. Francis said this would happen in his death bed:

“…our Order will be divided, and many others will be entirely destroyed, because they will consent to error instead of opposing it.” St Francis prophecy: R. Washbourne, 1882, p. 248-250.

Pray for the soul of Fr. Cheerful, ask our Lord for a miracle on this priest to remember his vows and the chalice of suffering he took an oath to take when he was anointed, pray for his soul before is too late, pray for the souls of all priests and ask them the same way I did, IF they incline to sell the Gospel in order to please men rather than God, flee… don’t hold any hate in your hearts, find a priest who would not give the pearl to the swine. (Mat 7:6)

Tons of blessings.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. rose ruhl says:

    totally agree not enough people know about OUR Lady Of La Sallette or the proficy she warned about Rome loosing the faith.


  2. rose ruhl says:

    pray pray pray


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